Terms & Conditions

Who we are

We will send out an automated text message the night before we are due at your address so that you can leave your wheelie bin empty after the refuse men have emptied it for us to clean. On the evening you receive the text or any time prior to that point you can let us know not to clean your bin and we will allocate your slot to another customer

If you don’t put the bin out or the bin isn’t accessible outside your property, we will have to charge the full price for the clean. 

If for any reason we get turned away (including cancellations on the day) we will have to charge full price for doing so.

Your bins will be cleaned and sanitised in all weathers.

We guarantee all the work carried out for 24 hours, if you do have any issues, please let us know asap and we will rectify it. 

Payments are due on completion of the bin clean being carried out. We only use GoCardless for collecting payments. We will not  accept cash on the day or any other form of payment. 

Cancellations. If you’d like to cancel at any time, please call or email us before the day you are due for a clean. We cannot accept cancellation on the day of the clean as we would have allocated you the space on the round. All customers are initially signed up for a three-month term, then a rolling monthly agreement going forward. 


Unit 3, Milton Keynes Business Centre, Foxhunter Drive, Linford Wood, MK14 6GD.

Tel: 01908 382015

Email: info@redbincleaning.co.uk

Web: www.redbincleaning.co.uk